Professional teeth cleaning under a microscope

License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine AD No. 063321
dated 06.09.12

Professional hygiene PROPHYflex

Complete removal of tartar and plaque under a microscope
Does not harm enamel and gums
Suitable for sensitive teeth
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The use of a microscope is a fundamentally new quality of cleaning your teeth

A dental microscope enables the doctor to examine and remove the smallest particles of tartar and plaque, even in hard-to-reach places and in the area of crowded teeth. Cleaning under a microscope is better, but at the same time a more gentle procedure.

A nice addition is that during the procedure, the doctor, under magnification, will be able to notice minor defects that are not visible to the eye: chips, cracks, incipient caries. You will be able to eliminate these problems at an early stage.

PROPHYflex cleaning features

Non-abrasive Prophy Perls powder with calcium is safe for teeth and gums
Complete removal of tartar and plaque under a microscope
Strengthening of tooth enamel, due to the composition of the powder, gel
Eliminate bad odor
Whitening teeth by 1-2 tones
Improved gum health

Steps of cleaning your teeth at CRB clinic

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Removal of tartar by ultrasound
Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is carried out using an ultrasonic scaler, which allows you to split and remove tartar without injuring your teeth and gums. The device looks like a hook, at the end of which an ultrasonic wave is applied, which destroys tartar. Further, the particles are simply washed off the surface of the teeth.
For hard-to-reach places and the subgingival zone, different types of tips are used. This allows the stone to be removed more thoroughly.
Ultrasound also softens plaque, which ensures its more thorough removal in the next step.

The procedure for removing tartar is completely safe for the teeth. Ultrasonic cleaning is painless, but there may be discomfort due to the peculiarity of the audible sound, the touch of the instrument. Soreness can manifest itself in the cervical region or in the area of ​​​​inflammation, erosion. This is a signal for the diagnosis of this area of ​​the tooth and, possibly, treatment.

Medical effect:
- removal of tartar;
- teeth whitening;
- reducing the risk of gum disease, loosening and loss of teeth.
Soft plaque removal with PROPHYflex
The procedure is similar to the usual Air Flow cleaning. The fundamental difference is in the method of supply and the properties of the powder itself.
With the help of the device, a special powder is applied to the surface of the tooth under pressure, which gently and carefully cleans soft dental deposits.
The patented new generation KaVo PROPHYpearls® powder consists of spherical granules, without corners and edges, due to which it does not injure the enamel and the surface of the gums. Cleaning is well tolerated even with increased sensitivity of the teeth.

At the same time, unique granules have a huge number of contact points, so they clean better.
The composition includes calcium carbonate and substances that help reduce the acidity of saliva, which further reduces the amount of plaque formed.

The procedure is safe for teeth and gums and painless. Powders have pleasant smells to choose from: orange, mint, peach and blackcurrant.

Medical effect:
- removal of pigmented plaque and bacteria;
- teeth whitening by 1-2 tones;
- reduction of bad breath;
- positive impact on the microflora of the oral cavity;
- Reduced risk of caries and gum disease.
Teeth polishing
Polishing is carried out using a smooth rubber brush and special polishing pastes of various abrasiveness.
Our teeth are subjected to stress when chewing, chewing food, etc. In this case, microchips, microcracks, roughness, delamination of the old filling, etc. can form. Such irregularities will contribute to the rapid accumulation of new plaque and bacteria. Therefore polishing is the obligatory last stage of professional cleaning.
Additionally, at this stage, the spaces between the teeth are cleaned and polished with the help of strips (grinding strips).
After polishing, the teeth are perfectly smooth, shiny and beautiful.

The procedure is safe for teeth and gums.

Medical effect:
- perfect smoothness of the tooth surface;
- slowing down the formation of plaque after brushing.
Remineralization of teeth
After brushing, a special remineralizing varnish containing hydroxyapatite and fluorine is applied to the teeth. Such gels are called "liquid enamel", they remineralize and restore the hard tissues of the tooth, practically "sealing", filling cracks and erosion areas.

The need for remineralization comes from the fact that the bacteria that live in plaque release lactic acid in the process of life. This acid leads to erosion of the enamel, which can later cause caries. After a professional cleaning, the teeth are cleaned of bacteria, this is the ideal moment to restore microdamages.

Medical effect:
- restoration of microdamages;
- decreased tooth sensitivity.
Oral hygiene consultation
Based on the examination and interview, the doctor will draw conclusions about the mistakes in daily home hygiene. You will learn which areas are consistently poorly cleaned, learn how to brush your teeth perfectly efficiently and safely for gums and enamel.
Also, the doctor will select for you individual products for home hygiene.
The doctor will tell you about all the defects identified during the cleaning, enter it into your dental record and recommend a solution. If possible, photographs of problem areas are taken under a microscope during the procedure.
CRB clinic

Why PROPHY Flex?

For our patients, we have chosen the PROPHYflex device and the new generation KaVo PROPHYpearls® powder (Germany).
This system is an alternative to the already familiar AirFlow cleansing, but with unique properties.

PROPHYpearls has a gentle effect, its spherical granules do not injure the gums and tooth enamel. At the same time, the quality of cleaning is better due to the special shape of the patented granules.
The powder does not contain soda! The composition includes calcium carbonate and substances that normalize the PH of the oral cavity (which additionally slows down the formation of a new plaque).
Чистка зубов аппаратом Prophyflex

Why do you need professional teeth cleaning?

The procedure not only restores the aesthetics of a smile, but also significantly reduces the risk of caries, gum disease or tooth loss.
Studies show that in 1 sq. mm of plaque contains 200 million bacteria. These bacteria cause bad breath and inflammation of the gums (periodontitis, gingivitis, etc.).
The figure shows dental plaque at a magnification of 400 times.
In the process of digestion, bacteria living in plaque release lactic acid, which leads to enamel demineralization, erosion and caries.

Accumulating, plaque thickens and turns into tartar. Usually, tartar appears in the gingival areas and under the gums. It is no less dangerous than plaque, as it can lead to severe gum and periodontal disease.
The accumulation of tartar under the gums leads to resorption (destruction) of the bone tissue surrounding the tooth root. The tooth may begin to loosen and eventually fall out.
Why is plaque and tartar formed? more…
There are several reasons for the accelerated appearance of plaque and tartar:
1. Imperfect dental hygiene
Regular skipping of morning or evening brushing, insufficiently high-quality or insufficiently long brushing, a toothbrush with a small number of bristles, or a worn-out toothbrush.
2. Crowding of teeth and wearing braces
In these cases, dental hygiene is complicated, as the brush cannot get into some hard-to-reach areas.
3. Nutrition
Some products, such as tea, coffee, alcohol, contribute to plaque pigmentation, making it more pronounced.
4. Features of saliva
The increased acidity of saliva also contributes to the formation of plaque and tartar.

In general, professional dental hygiene at the dentist once every 6 months is the norm. If you need cleaning more often (teeth change color, visible plaque, bad smell), our dentist will help you understand the reasons and solve this problem.
Сonsultation and
digital diagnostics is carried out:
Majid I.G.
Deputy head physician of the CRB clinic Dentist orthopedist, specializes in the treatment of TMJ dysfunction, treatment of bruxism, total prosthetics. Works in a digital protocol. Before us, he worked in the Swiss digital scientific clinic Dentaprime. Work experience more than 9 years.
Dolya A.V.
Lead Physician
Candidate of Medical Sciences
Dentist-orthopedist, specializes in prosthetics, general dentistry, treatment of TMJ dysfunction, bruxism. Experience in digital protocol.
Work experience more than 20 years.
Gnatyuk-Temel B.V.
Lead Physician
specializes in general dentistry, endodontics and the treatment of bruxism.
Works in a digital protocol.
Over 19 years of experience.

(All manipulations are carried out under a microscope)
– Removal of tartar by ultrasound
– Removal of soft plaque with the PROPHYflex device
– Teeth polishing
– Remineralization
– Consultation on oral hygiene, as well as recommendations on identified problems

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Sterility = Safety
You can be sure of complete safety. We pay great attention to surface treatment, sterilization of instruments and equipment.
Обработка всех поверхностей
Complete treatment of all surfaces
All surfaces, cabinet handles, door handles, computer mouse, etc. processed after each patient.
Лампы бактерицидные
Germicidal lamps
The quartzing procedure is carried out daily. Insolation with a quartz lamp eliminates 99% of all known bacteria and viruses in the room.
Стерлизация и автоклавирование
Sterlization and autoclaving
All instruments, nozzles, burs and drills are sterilized and autoclaved.
Презентация стерильных инструментов
Presentation of sterile instruments
With each patient, we open a new package with instruments. You can check the presence of the control indicator.
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